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Spring into a Lighter Lifestyle with Abigail Hardin

Spring into a Lighter Lifestyle with Abigail Hardin
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The Fairhope Store is proud to present Abigail Cole Hardin, co-founder of Inside Out Image Consulting, in our shop on Thursday, March 21, free to the public from 5-7 PM.

Abigail Hardin is an image consultant and life coach who uses visual motivation to improve not just your fashion choices, but also your mindset.

With Spring Cleaning and Summer on the way, she will host a presentation on living a “lighter” lifestyle. Abigail’s goal is to help you identify what truly “sparks joy” in your closet, wardrobe, and style so that you can live lighter and happier! She will also share her recommended brands, tips on how to pack light for any upcoming trips and even samples of her favorite beautycounter makeup.

In any interaction you have, only a small percentage of the impact you make on a person is made up of your words, the rest lies in your image and how you express yourself without speaking. Abigail wants to teach attendees the value of using fashion to your benefit and to show you how to carry out a healthy replacement of any clothes that do not represent you best. Picking your outfits each day shouldn’t be another area of stress in your life, but instead a reliable source of confidence to help you conquer the day while feeling true to yourself. “Only you have to face your own closet,” said Abigail, and it is her goal to help you create a closet that makes you feel empowered and comfortable in your skin.

Abigail runs Inside Out Image Consulting alongside her sister, Audrey Hardin (pictured left). In this business, they give their clients the power to “own who you are from the inside out”. They get to know you personally at your core to fully represent who your true self in your appearance. They believe there is a strategy in how to dress and a way to meet the needs of any lifestyle in any season in life.

Abigail has such a kind soul, and we can’t wait for you to meet her! So, bring your friends and join us for a fun GNO with some wine and great inspiration!



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