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Wellness Week at The Fairhope Store

We had the most incredible time last week during Wellness Week at The Fairhope Store practicing wellness with some of Fairhope’s finest fitness trainers!!
On Day 1, we had the most amazing morning practicing yoga with Soul Shine Yoga and had juices from the incredible Fairhope Juice Co.!! 
Day 2 of Wellness Week at The Fairhope Store was another great success!
We had an epic workout hosted by OM Personal Training along with some delicious drinks from Fairhope Juice Co.
Day 3, the wonderful FIT Mama Life hosted a giveaway along with an awesome live-stream workout plan!
Day 4 we had a KILLER combo workout in the morning with Naturally Strong Nonie !! We loved Noni’s energético. Having the store room filled with such encouragement and hard-earned sweat was something special!
We’re still forever thankful for Fairhope Juice Co keeping us hydrated!
Day 5 was a fantastic way to finish off Wellness Week at The Fairhope Store with FIT Fairhope!! 

We are SO thankful for everyone who participated this week!

We had so much fun- be well.