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Top 10 Activities to do at the Bay

Top 10 Activities to do at the Bay
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Fairhope, Alabama is such an extraordinary place. It is a sweet, treasured haven that sits right on Mobile Bay. There are countless things to do on the shores of this town, but here are a few of our favorites! (featured photo taken by Ashley Lindsay)
1. Picnic

Pack a lunch, blanket, speaker, and maybe even a hammock for a peaceful meal by the bay side!


Photo by Gillian Grice

2. Feed ducks at the Fairhope Duck Pond

Have some extra bread? Why not take it to the park and share it with the geese and ducks who have made their home on the shore?

3. Visit our fountain and rose garden

Down at the end of Fairhope Avenue there is the most serene fountain with a beautiful garden of roses surrounding it. Take a little break from this busy life and smell them.

4. Watch a sunset or sunrise

There is nothing more magnificent than the way God shows off every morning and night with the sun.


Photo by Lucy Normann

5. Exercise

The public park down by the bay is the perfect place for outdoor exercise! With plenty of walkways to run on, a jungle gym to use for pullups, and steep stairs that climb up the bluff, it’s easy to find an outdoor workout that works for you!

You can even rent bikes from us at The Fairhope Store and ride them down to the bay!


Photo by Jessica Watkins

6. Games

It’s always fun to play volleyball on one of the nets set up on the public beach, play frisbee on the bluff overlooking the bay, play on the playgrounds (no matter how old you are), or bring supplies to make an awesome sand castle!


Photo by Rivers Puckett

7. Water sports

Living in an area so nice, it’s easy to  take the water for granted! However, there are so many fun ways to spend a day on the water, and there are plenty of local shops to rent water vehicles from! Boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, jetskiing, windsurfing, sailing, tubing and skiing… need we go on?


Photo by Ashley Lindsay

8. Fish

The Fairhope pier is a perfect location for baiting and catching! With several side-piers connected to the large pier, there is always room to throw a line or cast a net!


Photo by Abbie Cortopassi

9. Walk dogs

Let your sweet, furry friends enjoy that fresh air on the water too!


Photos by Gillian Grice

10. Delicious dining at one of our several restaurants that have a view of the bay

Fairhope is well known for it’s awesome selection of foods. It’s always nice to have dinner with a bay view at places like Shux on the pier, Gambino’s, Sunset Pointe, and more!


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