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The Perfect Fairhope Super Bowl Watch Party

The Perfect Fairhope Super Bowl Watch Party
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It’s Super Bowl season!! Patriots vs. the Rams … Who are you rooting for? Whatever your side, be sure to throw the best Super Bowl party yet! We made a list of just a few of our suggestions for a fun-packed game day for everyone!

Be prepared with the right equipment

This party will need a large enough television, plenty of seating and a killer playlist to listen to before and after the game.

Pick a delicious theme for the food and drink selection

Make sure you have plenty of snacks to go around and a cup for everyone! Looking on Pinterest may help you spark some ideas for creative themes for your food trays.



Make a game out of watching the game

Set up a game of Super Bowl commercial bingo, bet on your guess of the final score of the game, or drink/eat something any time a certain call is made or play is played!

Get accessorized

Whistles, pom moms, eye-black, you name it! Go all out!

Keep the kids entertained

There are countless ways to keep the kids occupied while watching the game! With some blue tape and football cut outs, they can play pin the football in the goal post! You can print out the helmet of your favorite team as a coloring page, they can make slime in your favorite team’s colors, you can have them judge and rate each commercial on a scale of 1-10, and so much more!

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