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Alabama Retailer of the Year Gold Award Recipients

Alabama Retailer of the Year Gold Award Recipients
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Photo contributed by Denise Curtis, Communications Director of the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce

We are so honored to congratulate our incredible leading lady, Lisette Normann, on receiving the Gold Retailer of the Year Award from the Alabama Retail Association!

Out of over 100 nominations for the state of Alabama, Lisette Normann received the highest award that can be obtained by retailers with a yearly income under $1 million.


Photo contributed by Bryan Carter from the Alabama Retail Association

Lisette Normann started this business small, in 2012, with just a design on a t-shirt and one big dream. A little over five years later, her design has been whole-heartedly adopted as the unofficial brand for the community of Fairhope, Alabama. She has even spread her designs to places such as Orange Beach, Alabama and Coconut Grove, Miami.

To her and her staff, this store isn’t just about selling products. Working in The Fairhope Store is more about creating a place where people feel like they can come and truly belong to something, whether they’ve lived in the town for years or are just visiting for the day. As Lisette received this award, she reminded us that, “The best part about it is that every day we celebrate our community. When someone goes back home and opens their drawer and sees this shirt and asks ‘when can we go back?’, it shows that we’re selling memories. The fact that we can touch every socioeconomic community is the best part about this.

Because of Lisette’s business, there is little to no place you can travel without someone recognizing a Fairhope shirt, if you or they are wearing one. The reason is, not just because it is a great design, but even more so because this town and this store is known for its culture of welcome.

Photo contributed by Anna Bailey

“Every day we try to make someone’s day a little bit better. That’s our mission. We want everyone who walks in our store to walk out feeling better. We don’t know why they’re here, and we don’t know what their burdens are, so our job is to raise them up. I’m grateful that I have a platform to get to do that, because that’s the best part of life.” – Lisette Normann

To Lisette’s staff, it is no surprise that she deserves Retailer of the Year, because she is their number one supporter and role model at all times.

I love working for Mrs. Lisette. She is such an encouragement for me and has truly made this the best job I have ever had. She pushes us to be the best versions of ourselves and constantly encourages us to chase after our dreams. Once when I was telling her about how much I loved this job and this workplace, she told me, ‘I want every one of you to either stay or leave here knowing what you deserve from your employer.’ Her number one mission is to make all of us feel valued in our own way in our individual positions, and I am just so thankful that I have such an incredible boss, mentor, and friend like Lisette Normann.” – Team Member, Gillian Grice

The absolute best boss anyone could ever ask for. Every time I work I hope she comes in because I can always expect a conversation to brighten my day. I respect her with everything and can only thank her for all that she has done for me and for the Fairhope Store family. Blessed to know her, be accepted by her, and to be able to call her not only my boss but one of those people I can count on to be by my side through all kinds of situations. She is the best teacher, supporter, mother to John John and Lucy, and friend that I love so very much!” – Team Member, Anna Bailey


Photo contributed by Denise Curtis

We want to thank the staff at Alabama Retail Association and the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce, along with this community as a whole, for nominating Lisette Normann for this award and letting us share this beautiful town with you.

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