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Eat Local.

Join a community garden co-op or hit the Outdoor Farmers Market at the Fairhope Library Fairhope offers two community gardens

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Pick a bucket of blueberries at Weeks Bay Plantation

Fairhope is loaded with blueberries, whether backyard trees…. Farmer’s markets… or community gardens. Weeks Bay Plantation just south of Fairhope

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Discover Middle Bay Lighthouse.

She’s watched sailboat regattas, teenage pranksters, a wedding… and even a jersey cow on her balcony during her storied career

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Sample Fairhope’s Own Hurricane Blend Tea.

One of a handful of American tea plantations – and the country’s second largest – calls Fairhope home.

Kayak or Paddleboard the Bay.

There are endless ways to explore Mobile Bay. As simple or fancy as your whim or budget allows.

Fish the Pier. Don’t Forget your 5 Gallon Bucket.

Fairhope’s pier is a quarter mile of town square, drawing those with fishing poles, bread for a pelican or just a stroll to watch the sun tell the bay goodnight.

Check out the state’s oldest Crepe Myrtle tree in the French Quarter.

OK, we’re still going by the title we’ve held since 1997. The massive crepe myrtle downtown was dethroned by one

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