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Watch for a rising tide… and catch a worldwide phenomenon. Jubilee!

When weather gets hot and still, with a gentle east wind and slick bay in summertime…. conditions are right for a jubilee.

Get a castnet- they come in all sizes.

Throwing a cast net is an honored local art form – and can make you appear brilliant or foolish within the span of 60 seconds.

Read a local author.

You’ll find books by Sonny Brewer, Winston Groom, Frank Hollon, Fannie Flagg or Rick Bragg at the Fairhope Library and just might see the writers themselves strolling around town. And find out who’s staying at the Fairhope Writer’s Cottage these days.

Meet the pelican on the Fairhope Pier.

Sam’s been at the same spot for years. Ask any local – they’ll introduce you. Bring some bread.. and make

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Take a summer sailing lesson at Fairhope Yacht Club.

Each summer, dozens of small sailboats dot the waters looking like tiny bathtubs in one of Fairhope Yacht Club’s best

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Check out a theater or pops performance on the bluff.

Each spring, Eastern Shore Reparatory takes Fairhope arts to its roots – at thebayfront. Since the town’s earliest days, outdoor

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Rent a Fairhope Bike and cruise the Fruit and Nut Section.

(no…not named for locals but streets like Oak and Orange!) Rent a Bike

Hang out on Magnolia River and watch the only postal delivery… by boat… in the US.

Magnolia is one of two rivers that empty into Weeks Bay – and home to the only remaining year-round postal

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Explore Fairhope with Donnie Barrett.

Check out the Fairhope History Museum downtown – make sure to meet Director Donnie Barrett (yes – of Fairhope Tea

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Eat Local.

Join a community garden co-op or hit the Outdoor Farmers Market at the Fairhope Library Fairhope offers two community gardens

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